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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  July 11, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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>> the bill is passed. [applause] >> after two days of parliamentary debate, ireland votes to legalize abortion in limited cases. the other top stories here. police and protesters clash as thousands walked out and what is expected to be brazil's biggest strike in 23 years. the latest revelations from edward snowden, microsoft accused of collaborating with the u.s. intelligence services.
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hotels against arctic drilling. let's start off with this. police in brazil have fired tear gas at striking workers. the started after protesters confronted police on the streets. tens of thousands of workers called for under working conditions. perhaps the protest did not turn out to be as big as expected. >> was billed as the largest nationwide work stoppage for 25 years. this is home to the largest labor unions in the country and .embers took to the streets in all 26 states, there are work
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shut down some cities ports and highways. like the other protests that have swept over brazil, the union members had a long list of demands. oil royalties for education and we want to reinforce and strengthen the fight on the street. for education and health. brazil is behind on these issues. ,> unlike the other protests these union marches did not bring out nearly the same out of people. perhaps because the unions historically support the political party and power. has been inparty power for over a decade now and they have oh their entire political existence to labor unions.
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the unions are the foundation of the workers party when it was founded. now the protested across brazil and the labor unions have mostly been on the sidelines. >> there are thousands of labor unions in brazil and equally as many divisions. the unions will have to decide whose side they are on if they are going to support the workers because they will fight with our without them or if they are going to continue on the side of the government. a day for unions to tested their ability to take the streets, mobilize, something that they show they can do, even if a smaller scale than organizers predicted. in time whenent brazilians feel the need to protest, not just those unions. after two days of debate, and landmark bill has been
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passed in ireland, it has enshrined a woman's right to abortion. >> the bill is passed. the result was met with applause. it was passed by 127 volts to 21. it has divided the mostly catholic nation. there has been protests on both side of the debate. let's go straight to charlie engle who was on the phone. yes vote, what a has been the reaction, well, i have been monitoring some of reaction on twitter and social media and it seems that this is hailed as a step forward but they are calling it the bear minimum for women's rights. this is very limited change, it will allow abortion in very limited cases. buts still not quite final it will have to win approval in
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the senate. , thisy don't do this could be signed into law early next week. -- there had been been a long and drawnout debate. is very divisive for the coalition government. >> absolutely. as we saw from the massive parliamentary sessions, a number of politicians are torn between their antiabortion belief and their loyalty to the government. it caused a number of people to lose their jobs. she had a problem with the clause that would allow an abortion for someone who is contemplating suicide. they wanted more clarity on this. the amendment was rejected. when the final vote came, she voted against the bill, against party lines and the prime
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minister said that anyone who voted against it would be in the party. >> thank you very much. microsoft is the focus of the latest revelations from the u.s. whistleblower edward snowden. microsoft has been working closely with the u.s. intelligence agency to make sure that all of these can be spied on. world's most powerful intelligence agencies >> edward snowden is again taking on the u.s. government, its spies, and now one of its biggest tech companies, microsoft. snowden provided proof that the computer giant work hand in hand security agency and the fbi to make sure that all of its system can be spied on including web chats on outlook, all e-mail, everything put on its cloud storage service, and when it comes to skype, apparently they can
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record the audio and video of all calls. microsoft has denied the allegation. they say that they only look for specific accounts and identifiers and we would not respond to the orders. microsoft does not provide any government with blanket or direct access to sky drive, outlook, skype, or any microsoft product. microsoft has previously said that they turned over records on 32,000 user accounts. they cannot say more. techovernment bans all companies from talking about they are doing. many people want the government to change that. edwardhey can do that, snowden is the only one offering proof. he says that if you have a window on your computer, the u.s. government can see right through it.
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>> the microsoft spy allegations are just the latest headache for the u.s. government after weeks of revelations. latin american countries are furious that they have been spied upon. >> brazil is looking to draft a common response to these allegations. this is for widespread espionage. latin american diplomats said that this response was very tough but not rabid. it is not enough for the region to express it to outrage and they must demand certifiable guarantees that the u.s. will not continue with this kind of espionage. the prime minister of venezuela edwardfew hours ago that snowden has not formally thatted the offer venezuela made to give him
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asylum. it is unusual because he did make requests to many countries. according to venezuela, it has not been formally received as an acceptance. >> mexico is demanding answers after claims they were spied upon. >> according to these allegations, they were spying on issues around the drug war and energy. of oil.ort a lot the president of mexico had a reaction here on wednesday in which he said that if these allegations are proven to be true it would be unacceptable. he did not say what that meant. it is not really clear if mexico will do anything other than say if they find out, it is unacceptable. he said it has not impacted the relationship so far. they have asked the highest diplomats to check through their partners in the u.s. through a diplomatic channel to see if these allegations are true or
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not. >> at least 20-april have been killed in a series of bomb blasts in iraq. among the dead were three police officers killed by our bombs. there was gunfire and police fire. hasee syrian army commander been killed. he was targeted during a meeting. al qaeda has threatened to kill other rebel commanders. the opposition from the u.s. congress has blocked president obama's plans to provide weapons the syrian government. -- the syrian opposition, i should say. this is centered around the weapons falling into the wrong hands. >> president obama's decision to arm the syrian opposition was announced a month ago but tense then, delivery of those weapons has been delayed because of a
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dispute between members of the intelligence committee of both the senate and the house here at the u.s. congress. many politicians on those committees are concerned that the proposal to provide ammunition as well as a light weaponry simply does not go far. others are concerned that the weapons could fall into the hands of radical extremists fighting alongside the rebels. this is an issue the white house press secretary addressed in speaking to reporters. >> it is important that we continue to step up the provision of aid. we believe that it is essential to strengthening the opposition. this is under significant andult by bashar al-assad coupled with the support that he has been getting from hezbollah and iran. >> under u.s. law, the secretary of state, john kerry, as well as
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the deputy director of the cia have both briefed members of the house committee on the president's plan. under u.s. law, it is not required that the white house plans gets congressional approval. however, it is customary and it seems for now, that is how the white house chooses to proceed despite the lengthy delay in the delivery of those weapons. haveliticians in ireland just voted to pass a controversial abortion bill. there had been two days of debate on the bill which would allow for abortion in very limited circumstances. violence has broken out during the streets of rio de janeiro on a day of nationwide strikes. they confronted officers. they are looking to demand pay increases and shorter working hours.
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technology company microsoft has been accused of helping u.s. intelligence services to spine its customers. -- services to spy on its customers. >> in the orange t-shirt, this man has been caught throwing a stone. this child has been caught throwing a stone. he has been detained by israeli soldiers. local palestinians tried to intervene. >> you can see from the video that the panic, the terror in the eyes of the child, even when he understands that he is being put into a military
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vehicle and surrounded by heavily armed soldiers. this is extremely traumatic. >> soldiers take home and his jeep. takeshere, his father him to an israeli checkpoint for questioning. he is blindfolded. the rules state that the age of criminal responsibility starts at 12 and that it applies to children of both palestinians and israeli citizens. in a place like have drawn, the children from both sides are often found throwing stones at each other. the palestinians complained that it is only ever their children that get arrested. the israeli army said that at no point was he arrested or taken away from his parents. it goes on to say that it is critical to bear in mind that even rocks thrown by children can pose a lethal threat to people. between january and may, over 2000 and 50 separate rockthrowing incidences occurred throughout judaica and samaria.
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injuring well over 150 israelis. the ordeal ended after a senior officer intervened. he criticized his men for detaining the boys in front of cameras and ordered the removal f his father's -- both were handed into the care of palestinian security officers. there has been a rise in a number of incidences in recent months and they are demanding a legal response from the israeli army. .hat may not bring much comfort >> the u.n. is warning of a food crisis in egypt. egypt is the largest importer of wheat. a former minister under mohamed morsi said that supplies are down to 500,000 tons and that could run out in the next few months. 150 inmates have escaped a prison after a right broke
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out. they forced their way out of a jail in northern sumatra. their offices on fire and it seems to have been triggered by a blackout which left prisoners without water. a russian lawyer who died in police custody has been convicted of tax evasion. after arrested in 2008 exposing corruption and russia. supporters say that he was tortured and that has put him at the center of a dispute between russia and the u.s.. was a landmark verdict. the first time a russian or soviet court brought about a prosecution against a dead man. he cannot defend himself. he died more than three years ago. he was put on trial anyway. he was found guilty but the case is expected to be dropped by the state due to his death. >> he was an advisor to hermitage capital, once the
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biggest equities fund, he uncovered the largest tax fraud in russian history. this was involving top officials. he soon found himself behind bars. , ands abused, tortured held in squalid conditions. he died just days before the expiration of the one-year limit to be held without trial. he was 37. even the human rights council at the kremlin said he had not received the proper medical treatment. only one man faced charges in connection with his death, the deputy head of the jail where he died. he was accused of denying him the urgently needed medical aid which led to his death. state prosecutors dropped all charges against him and he was allowed to walk free. had diplomatic repercussions. president obama signed tough anti-russian legislation named after him.
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of humanhose accused rights violations in russia from injury into the u.s. i would thank obama for adopting this law. somehow it will keep my son's memory alive. it has become well known under the circumstances. >> vladimir q2 and announced to the law and said it poisons -- vladimir q2 anputin denounced tw and said it poisons relations. >> participation in this process is illegal and immoral. this is dancing on the bones of a dead man because you cannot prosecute someone who is dead. the family has always insisted he was innocent. amnesty international called this post to ms. trial farcical and sinister dosh -- ed this post humorous
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amnesty international called this trial farcical and sinister. there is u.s. legislation that targets those that believed to be responsible for his death and others involved in human rights abuses in russia. hashe premier of qu├ębec branded un-american railway company deplorable for its response to a train explosion in the canadian town. police say that 30 people are still missing from the train crash are most probably dead. 20 bodies have been recovered after the train derailed and exploded. the trains operator has blamed the driver saying that he probably failed to set the hand brakes. survivors of a plane crash in san francisco earlier this week say they had to wait up to half an hour for help. audio recordings show that many critically injured people were left on the runway while and
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villages were scrambling. two people died and many more were injured in the incident. the immediate aftermath of the crash landing, passenger struggled to escape the wreckage. ambulances were on their way. of newly released recordings calls made to the u.s. 911 service suggests that much more help was needed. >> we are at san francisco international airport and there are a lot of people that need help. >> are there and...? >> no, there are not. there are people that were found and they are burned really badly. >> a few minutes later, a much urgent call. >> there is another crash. there are people injured on the tarmac. we need more ambulances.
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>> we are aware of this. >> there are no ambulances here. we have been on the ground for 20 minutes. there are some critical injuries. we have been on the ground for 20 minutes, half-hour. there are people waiting on the tarmac with critical injuries. we are trying to keep one of them alive. >> two passengers did die in the crash and many more were injured. the investigations are focusing on the actions of two of the four crew who were in the plane's cockpit at the time. although no conclusions have been reached, it is known that the pilot had little experience 777 andg the boeing was being instructed by another pilot who was on his first training flight as an >> ructor or
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-- >> 20 years ago, 20,000 men and women were killed. now, they are commemorating the event. >> a pimple moment for families -- a painful moment for families. 495 have been identified and laid to rest. the youngest victim, a newborn girl whose remains were found in a mass grave, was given the name fatima and buried. were ahose at the grave dutch soldier that found the body. course we want to do more. if you don't have the rights material and there is no will
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from above him a you can see the mountains and the hills. , itcan see how many people was a very extreme situations. >> at the time, shrub or it was a protected town. the siege by serb forces throughout the war between 1992 and 1995. serb troops led by ratko mladic invaded the town on july 11th, 1995, forcing thousands of bosnian muslims to flee. was 76 yearsan who old and the oldest victim buried on thursday. he had gone to a battery factory hoping he would be able to leave the place in a humanitarian convoy. instead, he was shot and killed. his daughter cannot understand why. >> all i want them to do is ask them selves what a newborn and
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my 76-year-old could have done to them. could they have used a gun to kill a served? >> a senior spiritual leader has urged justice to be done. this is needed for everyone in bosnia. we will continue to come here and remember our dearest brothers and sisters and pass the memories onto our children. i called the people in bosnia to reject efforts to glorify crimes in the name of genocide. instead, to ensure that survivors have a life of dignity. i call upon them to achieve the justice that we need to live normal lives. it is our commitment to call on people to ensure peace and coexistence. >> this year brings a total of .dentified victims to 6066
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>> judges at the hague have reinstated a genocide charge. the former bosnian serb leader had been acquitted last year on it counts related to a campaign to a war in the 1990's. review that to charge at the work crimes tribunal. nuclear watchdog says toxic water has probably been leaking into the pacific ocean from the crippled fukushima powerplant. radioactive water has been flowing since the 2000 11 earthquake and tsunami. 2011 earthquake and tsunami. havereenpeace activists been arrested after scaling a skyscraper in central london. the protesters began the ascent before sunrise. >> by the time cameras arrived, the women were already well on
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their way, taking on all 72 stories of the tallest building. helmet cameras beaming live, pictures of the carefully planned stunt, commentators made sure that the message was impossible to ignore. an orchestrated drive to push drilling in the eyes. but they're looking at their windows and they have seen the people. they had to dodge security early, but greenpeace says that they continued to climb. >> we told them what was going on and we explained that we are well trained people. this is not a dangerous protest. >> the viewing platform closed and this allowed the women to reach the summit.
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there was no congratulations. net by police at the summit, all six men were arrested and taken into custody. these climbers will no doubt use this to promote a call from the ground.
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